PF Management by SCBAM

Overview of Private Funds Managed by SCBAM

In the private fund management industry, SCBAM is ranked 1st with the largest market share of 42.5% as of 31 May 2017. Total assets under management amount to 361,902 million Baht.

Our clientele range from various institutional clients such as government agencies, educational institutions, insurance companies, charities, co-operatives and private companies to clients at the individual level.

Type of Clients and Private Fund Sizes

  • Individual/institutional client with fund size starting from 10 million Baht

  • Institutional client with fund size starting from 100 million Baht

SCBAM’s Private Fund Services

  • SCBAM’s private funds are handled by dedicated fund managers to invest according to the investment policies and limits prescribed in the private fund contract.

  • SCBAM has marketing officers dedicated to support private fund clients by providing investment advice and continuously facilitate the needs of clients.
  • SCBAM generates monthly private fund reports to submit to clients that cover fund performance, portfolio details, securities trading activities, financial statements for institutional clients, etc.
  • SCBAM contacts and meets with clients to report on fund performance and inform about future investment strategies.

Investor Risk Profiles

Investors can be broadly categorized according to their risk levels as follows:

  • Conservative Investor: Low risk tolerance. Accept risks of similar level to potential size of returns.
  • Moderate Investor: Medium risk tolerance. Accept risks of similar level to potential size of returns.
  • Aggressive Investor: High risk tolerance. Expectations of very high returns.

Portfolio Structure

SCBAM will design a portfolio structure which is aligned and suited to the client’s risk tolerance and investment restrictions. Various asset allocation structures can be formulated depending on the client’s risk tolerance.

Fees and Expenses

Vary according to size of assets and investment policy chosen by the client.


  • Consultation services: Dedicated marketing officers are ready to provide investment advice and facilitate as a contact point.
  • Educational seminars: We arrange economic and investment seminars, disseminate information about new investment products, including helping arrange training seminars for staff of institutional clients. This is aimed at strengthening client’s and staff’s knowledge and access to a wider range of investments.
  • Special complimentary services: Clients can tap the full array of services that the SCB Group offers to investors and staff of institutional clients such as economic and investment information produced by the Economic Intelligence Unit (EIC), loan packages, insurance and life assurance products.

Contact Us

For more information about how to receive these unique investment services, contact SCBAM Call Center or send an e-mail to the Private and Institutional Business group (email: