SCB Group

Siam Commercial Bank Pcl.

The Siam Commercial Bank PCL was Thailand's first indigenous bank, established in 1906 under Royal Charter. According to unconsolidated financial information filed with the Bank of Thailand, the Bank was Thailand's second largest commercial bank in terms of total assets, as at June 30, 2015.

Address : Siam Commercial Bank 9 Ratchadapisek Rd., Jatujak, Bangkok
Telephone : 0 2544 1000
SCB Call Center : 0 2777 7777
SCB Business Call Center : 0 2722 2222

SCB Asset Management Co.,Ltd.

Established on March 18, 1992, SCB Asset Management Co., Ltd. is an affiliate of Siam Commercial Bank, licensed by the Finance Ministry to manage mutual funds, provident funds, and private funds. With an expertise in offering products and continued achievements in sound and stable portfolio management, and strict adherence to a code of ethics and realization of the best interests of investors.

Address : SCB Park Plaza Building 1 Fl. 7-8 Unit No. 18 Chatuchak Bangkok
Call Center : 0 2777 7777 press 0 press 6
Telephone : 0 2949 1500
Fax : 0 2949 1501

SCB Securities Co.,Ltd.

Established in 1995, SCB Securities Co., Ltd. (SCBS) is one of Thailand's leading securities companies to offer financial products and services to institutional investors and retail investors in the capital market. The company is a 100%-owned subsidiary of Siam Commercial Bank PLC, one of the most well-established financial institutions in Thailand.

Address : SCB Securities Co.,Ltd. 19 Tower 3, 20th-21st Fl., SCB Park Plaza, Ratchadapisek Rd., Chatuchak, Chatuchak Bangkok 10900
Call Center : 0 2949 1999
SCBS Fax : 0 2949 1001
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SCB Life Assurance Public Co.,Ltd.

More than 38 years of operation of SCBLIFE Assurance as the "trusted life insurer" among Thai customers, we remain committed to ensure building the financial stability along with developing new policies and services with quality responding to all demands in order to reach the highest satisfaction and the most important part in building the stable financial success for all of our Thai customers.

Address : 1060 New Petchburi Rd., Makkasan, Ratchtewi, Bangkok
Telephone : 0 2655 3000
Bank Business Tel. :1800 222 700
Fax : 0 2256 1742, 0 2254 8033, 0 2655 7082