Term of Use

Terms of agreement between you and SCB Asset Management Co., Ltd.

The website of SCB Asset Management Co., Ltd. ("SCBAM" or "SCB Asset Management") comprises of the website and web pages belonging to SCBAM whose premises are located at 21st-22nd SCB Park Plaza 3, 19 Ratchadapisek Road., Chatuchak,Bangkok 10900 (the website and web pages will be referred to, as the "SCBAM website" from here onwards). The terms of agreement for the use of the website applies to the SCBAM website and the use of the website means you have accepted the terms that apply without any further conditions. In using the SCBAM website, you are legally bound to the terms and conditions. The use of any SCBAM website may also subject you to any additional terms and conditions stated specifically on that particular website. If you do not agree or accept these terms and conditions, do not enter the SCBAM website and do not use the online services provided by the SCBAM website.

Amendments to terms and conditions on the use of the SCBAM website

SCBAM reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions stated on this SCBAM website, including those stated on any other specific SCBAM website. As user, you should continually be aware of terms and conditions and any amendments on the use of the SCBAM website that is applicable to each and every SCBAM website. As a regular user of the SCBAM website, you will likely be subjected to all the terms and conditions and amendments.

Handling and disclosure of personal information

Unless stated otherwise by prevailing regulations, you agree and accept that your personal information furnished to SCBAM via the SCBAM website may be utilized or disclosed to relevant officers for intended purposes, according to SCBAM's procedures covering confidentiality of client information.

SCBAM will send and/or disclose only information, which cannot identify your identity (information that is not first-name, last-name, identification number or any other data which can identify individuals), to Google and/or Google’s group companies, either in Thailand or other countries, for the purpose of data analytics. You are able to study the details of the procedure of sending and/or disclosing information to Google including the data analytics of Google under the subject of “How Google uses information from sites or apps that use our services” at www.google.com/policies/privacy/partners/ or any other URL specified by Google.

Links with other websites

SCBAM may arrange to have links with other websites (websites that are not managed by SCBAM) for wider access to information and your convenience. By accessing those websites, you are solely responsible for any risks involved under all situations. SCBAM is not liable or responsible for any damages you may incur from using such information, products, or services rendered by those third-party websites that are linked to SCBAM's website. Furthermore, SCBAM does not endorse or guarantee or have an opinion over the information, products, or services offered on those third-party websites. SCBAM is not liable or responsible for any damages incurred or failure to meet contractual obligations involving those products or services or advertised on those websites. SCBAM does not offer or have any contractual obligations or agreements with those other websites that involves your agreements with those other websites.

Links to other websites for the purpose of downloading any software, which SCBAM accommodates, are solely for the purpose of the user's convenience. Under all circumstances, SCBAM shall not be liable or responsible for any errors arising from the use of those software which you downloaded. Be aware that the use of any software which you have downloaded will be subjected to terms and conditions regarding license to use that software. If you cannot comply with the user license, you may be in violation of intellectual property rights associated with that particular software. In such circumstances, SCBAM shall not be liable or responsible for any damages you may incur. Each time you visit any other website, you will be subjected to the terms and policies for the use of the website you visit.

Compensation for damages

You agree to be liable to SCBAM for any damages or losses (including attorney, legal and court expenses) that SCBAM incurs from the access of the SCBAM website by other individuals using your login ID and/or password.

Trademarks, logos, licenses and intellectual property

Information displayed on the SCBAM website is property of SCBAM and third parties (in certain cases). Trademarks, logos, brands, and symbols referred to or displayed on the SCBAM website (referred to from here onwards as "trademarks") shall include trademarks, logos, brands, and symbols of SCBAM and third parties without necessarily requiring whether these trademarks, logos, brands, and symbols have already been registered. No part of the terms and agreement nor the website grants you the right to use the trademarks. SCBAM reserves all rights over the website. SCBAM does not permit anyone the use of any information and trademarks aforementioned, except if prior written approval is received from SCBAM or third party (in certain cases). Some parts or the entire SCBAM website are protected by copyright laws. The contents of the SCBAM website can not be altered, amended, re-created, duplicated, downloaded, transmitted (regardless of method or format) or use in any way for commercial purposes, except if prior written approval is received from SCBAM.

Termination of contract, limitations of access to contents, and rejection

SCBAM reserves the sole right or discretion to revoke this contract or reject access to contents of the website, whether in part or in full. This includes any other services related to the SCBAM website. The aforementioned termination or rejection can be implemented at any time without explanation nor notification. One condition on the use of the SCBAM website is that you must not deploy the SCBAM website for any purpose which is illegal or prohibited or which may affect the performance of the SCBAM website, or damage the SCBAM website or other websites linked to it, or affect other client's use of the SCBAM website. You must not attempt to break into the SCBAM website, tamper with the transaction activities or computer systems or networks linked to the SCBAM website without authorization, whether through hacking of information or password mining or any other means.

Disclaimer of liabilities

Contents, products and services on the SCBAM website or accessible through the SCBAM website may not be accurate or contain typographical errors. The SCBAM website and its contents are updated periodically. Advice obtained from the SCBAM website should not be relied upon as being accurate for you to base your decisions, whether for legal or investment purposes. You should consult the relevant professionals in those respective fields for advice that is appropriate to your circumstances.

SCBAM does not implicitly or explicitly endorse or guarantee the suitability, integrity, completeness, readiness, timeliness, void of virus or other threats, including the accuracy of contents, software, products and diagrams presented on the SCBAM website herewith, regardless of intended purpose. SCBAM is not liable or responsible for loss or damages, direct or indirect (including loss or damages from special circumstances) from your use of the SCBAM website. In particular, SCBAM does not guarantee that economic information or reports are accurate, reliable or up to date.

You hereby agree, in particular, that SCBAM shall not be liable or responsible if you access, alter information or conduct transactional activities through the SCBAM website without authorization.

Governing Law

These terms and conditions of use are governed by the laws of the Kingdom of Thailand and any dispute shall be subjected to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Thai courts. You hereby agree that the agreement between you and SCBAM through these terms and conditions or the use of the SCBAM website does not involve a commercial relationship, employment, or agency relationship between yourself and SCBAM.