PF Management by SCBAM

Overview of Private Funds Managed by SCBAM

In the private fund management industry, SCBAM is ranked 2nd with the largest market share of 29.96% as of 31 May 2023. Total assets under management amount to 688,386 million Baht.

Our clientele range from various institutional clients such as government agencies, educational institutions, insurance companies, charities, co-operatives and private companies to clients at the individual level.


Diagram for the operation of the private fund by SCBAM


Why choose private fund service with SCBAM?

  • Generating consistent investment returns for clients through the transparent and effective procedure in managing investment and risk mitigation, reflected by several awards, and rated by Fitch ratings.
  • SCBAM has ranked the 1st with the largest market share in the private fund business and has a predominant bargaining power enabling it to seek the best execution for greater benefits to clients.
  • SCBAM has an expertise in serving government agency, corporation, and wealth banking clients.
  • SCBAM, supported by the strength of SCBX Group and partners, gets access to wide range of investable securities both domestic and foreign including new investment vehicle.
  • An individual who invests in foreign instruments via a private fund channel of SCBAM has a flexibility in managing the currency risk by fully hedging foreign exchange risk.

Private Fund Servicing by SCBAM

  • SCBAM manages the private fund under an investment policy and limitation as set forth in the agreement by an appointed fund manager.
  • SCBAM has marketing officers for servicing clients particularly in investment planning and facilitating client requests.
  • SCBAM submits a monthly report to the client, consisting of investment performance, NAV, securities trading report, financial statement for the institutional client.
  • SCBAM provides Private Fund Online Service, whereby the clients can access to a fund management report and performance report daily.

Investment Platforms

SCBAM will design client’s portfolio to be in accordance and appropriate with the risk and investment limitation. The asset allocation model depends on the client’s risk level of which the service provides in 3 platforms:

  1. Tailor-Made Mandate is an investment in a private fund where the client participates in specifying the investment policy, investment objective and limitation specially, such as, a restriction on investment proportion of each asset class, a prohibited sector or industry to invest, credit rating of fixed income instrument or other restrictions, which a governmental agency with regulatory authority specifies as an investment framework to suit investment requirement from each client.

  2. Fund of Funds Platform is an investment in a private fund through a mutual fund of SCBAM. It focuses on generating returns higher than the benchmark within the client’s risk level via managing and adjusting portfolio weight by professional fund managers in accordance to dynamic change of economic and investment condition. It will be less burden to a client in monitoring and following up the market condition.
  3. Structured Product & Offshore Investment is a sophisticated investment, which is complicate or difficult to access by general investors, through foreign partners and global asset management companies allied with SCBAM.

    which will be a choice of investment to enhance returns and to elevate a risk diversification of the client’s investment portfolio. By investing in the structured product & offshore investment through a SCBAM private fund, the client will have a flexibility in managing the foreign currency exposure, where a direct investment in those assets is not possible.

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Remark: The past performance does not guarantee the future performance. / Investor should well understand natures, conditions, a return and associated risks before making any decisions.